My name is Olaf Geibig and I'm a freelancing software developer, architect and project manager. I have a focus on web and mobile applications. I have a rich experience in Java technology based web applications and I'm expanding my expertise into mobile technologies right now.
  • Software developer, architect and technology oriented executive
  • Focused on software-architecture, OO, Java technologies
  • Rich experience with developing high-traffic, multi-tier web applications
  • Quality oriented, test driven and agile approach using international standards
  • Communicative team player, technology enthusiast, life long learning

My full CV / profile is downloadable in English and German.

Enterprise Java

I have a very rich experience with Java technologies with a focus on lightweight JEE especially with the Spring Framework. I also made good experiences with cloud computing. Many mobile apps or web apps need a scalable backend, Running on cloud infrastructures like Google Appengine or Amazon EC2 offers the scalability at a very low price.


In recent years I worked a lot with Grails, which is a great technology for rapid development of web applications or web services. It combines the spirit of Ruby on Rails with the industrial strength of Java and the modern language features of Groovy. Development is very efficient and fast.

Android Apps

Having a strong background in Java technologies Android was the natural choice. Analysts predict a bright future for the platform which is already adopted by a huge number of handset makers. I worked on some open souce app projects.